My Christmas

..wasn’t too eventful but also had a few non-xmas related good points. Sunday my dad informs me that my aunt is coming for the festivities, not really enough time to order a present and I’m certainly not braving the hideousness of christmas shopping IRL. Was working xmas eve although we got sent home early (there was an issue with part of the system but that got sorted by about 3). Christmas day woke up late morning, pottered around. Rest of the day a little hazy, mostly a bit of clearing up and film watching. Ah yes, watched ‘Southland Tales’ the new Richard Kelly film – review to follow – and some more ST – TNG episodes. Half-way through season 7 and some I hadn’t seen before! Received a two-part present from father. The smaller part looked and felt like a memory card blister pack and turned out to be exactly that. Even worse, it was a Fuji xD card, incompatible with pretty much everything else I have (except possibly the card reader in my laptop). I do actually have 3 working digital cameras (alright, one is off to be fixed and I can’t find the confirmation letter for getting it back) so having another one didn’t really appeal… So I open the box and its a Fuji finepix 5200 (?) semi-slr-style: 7Mp, max 1600asa, ~40mm lens, 4AA batteries. Approx 170 from Argos… Being in a position where I am able to buy most things I need and being a tech geek make buying presents for me quite difficult, although now the question my dad asked about photographing his air rifles for insurance purposes now makes more sense. If I was going to buy another digital camera, it would be a pro one with interchangable lenses, not one that cost less than my “fine for snapshots as long as you’re not too far away if it’s dark” Sony DSC-T7 with waterproof (and beer-proof!) case. So I was quite disappointed and frustrated (hasnt he learnt yet???) and went down to express this. It may be perfectly good to have an answer of “Well you didn’t say what you wanted”, yet a better plan would be to actually ask me and give me a budget! (price range, you get the idea). No present from my aunt, although can give her the same idea and then get something useful. I’m thinking an SE Reflexion filter and a new pair of overhead mic’s… So that was the disappointment that was my Christmas day. Boxing day however went a bit better. Although I did spend most of the norning in bed, I did manage to sort out some recording with my new Variax300 steel string guitar (my present to myself) before I packed it up to be replaced because when it arrived it had quite a few unsightly dents and I had to reseat the pickup as the low-E was quieter than the others. So then I fire up Nuendo and a song I’d started working on a few months ago, add an instance of EZ Drummer and change the bass to use a local Trilogy sound instead of a slaved GigaStudio one, record a bit with the variax and it all sits together rather well, even without EQ or additional processing! Also added a simple guitar line using my electric and Guitar Rig 2 then a vocal melody after putting the (deja vu moment while writing this!) bow-tie shaped auralex foam thing behind the mic, leaving me with a very clean, very dry vocal sound with no hint of room colouration! Oh how long it has been that I have wanted to hear it like that! :o ) Then all of a sudden I got this smell of burning and rushed down to the kitchen to turn off whatever my dad had set fire to now… Couldn’t see anything burning there but the hallway was still filling with smoke! Then what makes itself known is a wad of burning paper behind the cordless phone that my dear father has just relaced in its holder. He thinks it’s the phone that has caught fire (don’t be silly!) yet I think it was probably the end of his cigarette that looks like it had just fallen out… After that was the end of recording as it’d got me quite wound up. So, onto other things. After nearly a couple of hours of heqd scratching and finding various pieces of outdated software, I finally managed to reload my T1 keyboard with its factory sounds after last changing the battery when it went flat and initialised. It has been a few months for that so I was rather happy to say the least. Now if I could find a floppy disk with my sound banks on that’d be even better! :o ) Oh, oaid my overdue council tax, have to wait to get a pair of 24″ flatscreens , which is now possible with having the free space from getting the new 12u equipment rack installed last weekend. Maybe the late-night coffee wasn’t such a good idea after all, as I had trouble sleeping, although I did wake up from a dream about a dried-up swimming pool with a fantastic idea for a live action video game. But that is an ifea yet to occur… ;-)

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