So recently I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab as it’s “not an iPad”, holdable in one hand and runs the same version of Android as my HTC Desire Z.
Slightly more recently than that, I went a bit crazy and bought a number of the accessories, including the keyboard dock.
Today I discovered that the android version of dropbox does actually do two-way sync, instead of just allowing you to download files from your dropbox. Obvious when you think about it, but I hadn’t tried it before.
What I was trying to do was to find a portable way of editing my expenses spreadsheet and for this I turned to ‘Documents To Go’. Mostly I’ve tried to keep to the ‘free’ android software in the market, however with now having two devices linked to the same google account, it seemed like a reasonable option.
So now, I can download the file from my dropbox onto the Tab, edit in D2G and on saving it gets uploaded back to the dropbox.
So basically what this means is, that the tablet with the keyboard is now a pretty reasonable laptop replacement. If I want a bigger view, I can always plug into a TV with the video out cable. This could also make a very portable presentation systekm, with the powerpoint (spit spit) support of D2G.
Personally, what I would like to see is a combination of the desktop dock that has the HDMI output, with the keyboard, which would then put full-screen HD video, or at least the linkability of that, along with the typability (?) that the keyboard dock brings.
Therefore replacing a more bulky laptop with something you can take as a tablet when you need to move about (the office, primarily), then get back to your desk, slot in the tablet and write up your notes that could also be displayed on the bigger screeen connected via the HDMI port (maybe in the future!).