I had this plan for doing a tip of the day, as I have this week come across some small but useful things to share with the world.

So here they are on the Saturday.

In Windows 7, Right-click on a scrollbar and it’ll give you a context menu. Then you can press ‘T’ or ‘B’ for top or bottom of the page. Same trick works for horizontal scrollbars.

Regex in a bash if statement:
if [ “$foo” =~ “one|two”; then
echo “foo is one or two”

Apple, in their infinite wisdom, have yet again broken their implementation of samba, in Snow Leopard.
My home storage machine runs ubuntu and all my files are shared via samba.
To connect to these shares, in the ‘connect to’ box in SL, you need to format it:
for it to actually connect.
Might update this post if I find a real solution…